Excavating Land For A New Home: Cost-Influencing Factors

If you're looking to have a new home built from scratch, then one of the costs you'll need to take into consideration is that of having the land excavated so that it's ready for the pouring of foundation and construction of your home. Unfortunately, because there's so much to think about when having a home custom built, many people tend to overlook the cost of excavation, which can easily add up to several thousand dollars or more. Read More 

Free Up Your Budget By Improving AC Efficiency

Heating and cooling are two of the biggest costs you will have to contend with as a homeowner. If you trust your air conditioner to cool your home all on its own, then you will pay too much to keep your home cool. Your budget is better served if your cooling strategy employs more than one line of defense against the heat. If you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your cooling system, you should consider installing a house fan in your home. Read More 

Health And Environmentally Friendly Painting Options

A fresh coat of paint can make your home look like new, but living with the fumes for days, or even years, isn't as pleasant. Many paints are also harmful for the environment, making the choice to paint even more difficult. Fortunately, you have options that will keep both you and the environment healthy. Tip #1: Test the Walls If you will have the walls stripped or sanded before painting begins, it's vital that you have your home tested for lead paint. Read More 

Come Cold Or Heat, Metal Roofing Has You Covered

For the average homeowner, a roof is simply the part of your house that keeps out rain and snow. While this is an important function of a roof, a good roof can do so much more. What is important to remember is that your roof plays an important role in blocking the sun's heat during the summer, and a good roof can also help to reduce snow weight during the winter. Read More 

Choosing The Right Space Heater For You

If you are interested in setting up temperature control for your home, then you will need to decide exactly what kind of system you want. An increasingly popular option for heating your home is the space heater. However, there are several different varieties of space heaters, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you narrow down your options, here is an introduction to the various mechanisms available for heating your home. Read More