Having A New Home Built On A Hill: Three Key Tips

Did you recently buy a piece of land with either rolling hills or one lovely, prominent hill? If you plan to have a home built on the land, then chances are, you will be building on or into the hill to a certain extent. Building on a hill can make for some lovely scenery. However, there are a few key tips you will want to follow when having a home built on a hill.

Strongly consider a home design with a basement.

Building a home on a slab foundation is difficult when there's a hill involved. The hill would need to be built up on one side to hold the slab. Doing this securely is not easy and often comes at a high cost. You may need a specialized excavation company to do it. Building a home with a basement tends to be much easier and less expensive. The builders can just dig into the hill and pour the foundation rather than having to build the hill up. So, when you start working with a designer, let them know that you'd prefer a home with a basement. This approach will save you time and money.

Consider a split level.

A split-level home is one that basically has two half floors that are staggered over one another. There may also be a top floor, which is a full floor, depending on the home design. Split levels are easy to build into hills. They can also be really convenient to live in. You only have a few stairs to go up and down, and the lowest level can usually be seen from the level above it. In a split level, you also feel like you're in a house on a hill, which is fun.

Choose windows based on the view.

When deciding what type of windows to put in various locations on the home, consider the view. The view will probably be best looking down the hill or to the side of the hill, so put picture windows and bay windows on those sides of the home. There won't be much of a view from the side of the home that's at the top of the hill, so this is not where you want to splurge on big or special windows.

Building into a hill or on a hill always makes for a lovely home. For more information on new home construction, contact a professional near you.