What Color Appliances Should Your New Kitchen Have?

Replacing dated or worn appliances is an important part of many kitchen remodel projects. If you plan to include it in yours, though, you'll need to decide what color appliances to install. Today's homeowners have a wide range of colors and styles to choose from. So how can you find the right shade and material? Here are some tips for styling the four main color choices. 

1. White Appliances

White appliances have been a staple of many homes. But this creates something of a catch-22 because that ubiquity and longevity can make the kitchen look dated. The best use for white appliances is generally to pair them with white cabinets. The result is a crisp, clean, and airy look. You may also be able to match white appliances with pale, neutral shades, but better choices are available. 

2. Stainless Steel Appliances

Possibly the most popular appliance material at the moment is the stainless steel unit. Stainless steel is considered both modern and high-end, so it instantly updates the kitchen. Stainless steel is a decorative neutral, so it goes with nearly all cabinet colors — dark or light. Ideally, blend it with stainless steel fixtures for a cohesive look. 

3. Black Appliances

Black appliances look and feel more edgy and unique. But be careful how you deploy them. In general, save black appliances for a kitchen featuring darker woods in the cabinetry — things like gray, chocolate, and cherry. One exception to this guideline is when you want to install white cabinets. Black appliances create a stunning contrast to white cabinets, creating a modern black and white decor style. 

4. Colorful Appliances

Finally, you can get appliances in a number of funky or unexpected colors — like red, teal, blue, pink, and even retro yellow. You'll often pay more for these specialty colors, but they can be a great centerpiece for the kitchen. Certainly, retro colors work best in a retro-style kitchen that evokes earlier days. But an appliance in a key theme color can provide a big decorating boost without a lot of work. However, be cautious about colorful appliances since you may not be able to change kitchen colors any time soon. 

Where to Start

The right color for your appliances will elevate and modernize your new kitchen. Start by learning more about your options and how each type would look in your particular home. Meet with a professional kitchen remodel service in your area today to begin.