Come Cold Or Heat, Metal Roofing Has You Covered

For the average homeowner, a roof is simply the part of your house that keeps out rain and snow. While this is an important function of a roof, a good roof can do so much more.

What is important to remember is that your roof plays an important role in blocking the sun's heat during the summer, and a good roof can also help to reduce snow weight during the winter. If you choose a high-quality metal roof for your home, you will get the kind of protection that you simply can't get from an asphalt-shingle roof.

Asphalt Shingles Can Heat up a Home

Asphalt creates a waterproof barrier between your home and the elements, but asphalt absorbs heat from the sun. As your shingles heat up, they radiate heat into your home. While good insulation in your attic should help to keep some of this heat out, it won't prevent all of it. As heat seeps into your home during the summer, your AC system has to work harder to keep the temperature in your home pleasantly cool. Thus, asphalt shingles can contribute to higher cooling bills during the summer. 

How Metal Keeps Your Home Cooler

Metal is naturally reflective, which is important because metal will reflect the sun's energy away from your home. Metal roofs will still heat up some, but they will stay much cooler than asphalt shingles and, because of this, they will keep your home cooler. In fact, a light-colored roof (like metal) can help to lower your cooling bills during the summer by up to 40%

Snow Weight for a Metal Roof

Asphalt shingles have a rough surface, and the friction created between this surface and snow can prevent snow from sliding off of your roof. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, the buildup of snow can create enough weight to collapse your roof. Metal roofs have a low-friction surface, which will actually shed snow. While you might have to climb up on asphalt-shingle roof to shovel snow off, a metal roof will shed the snow for you. 

If you only focus on a roof's ability to keep out water, then any roof will do. On the other hand, if you want a roof that will help you save money during the summer and protect your home from excess weight during the winter, then you need to look for a metal roof. Contact a roofing company, like Rippy'S Roofing & Construction Inc, to see if a metal roof is right for your home.