Excavating Land For A New Home: Cost-Influencing Factors

If you're looking to have a new home built from scratch, then one of the costs you'll need to take into consideration is that of having the land excavated so that it's ready for the pouring of foundation and construction of your home. Unfortunately, because there's so much to think about when having a home custom built, many people tend to overlook the cost of excavation, which can easily add up to several thousand dollars or more. To help get a better idea of what to expect, make yourself aware of the main factors that affect excavation costs for a new home.

Features of the Soil

One of the first things that any reputable excavating contractor should do is to perform a soil test of the land. In fact, if you're lucky, the seller of the land will have already paid to have this done before you bought it. Either way, a soil test will help to determine the characteristics of the ground itself and the soil underneath. Specifically, a soil test may alert excavators to the presence of bedrock underneath the ground, which can be very difficult to excavate (and thus much more expensive).

Presence of Trees

Another factor that'll influence the cost of your excavation project is the presence (or lack thereof) of trees on the property. If there are a lot of mature tress that have substantial root structures, it may cost you more to have these cleared out before construction of your new home can begin. Of course, not all of the trees will need to be removed, but any that could interfere with the home's construction or its surrounding plumbing/gas pipes will likely need to be.

Grade of the Land

Finally, the overall grade of the land (in other words, how hilly it is) can also impact your cost of excavation. Some homeowners prefer to have their homes built into a hillside, but doing so will typically cost a lot more than constructing a home on a flat, level plot of land. As such, many people choose to have hilly terrain leveled out during the excavation process before construction begins. Doing so on a hilly piece of land will cost more, but it will make the construction process a lot easier and less expensive, so it's typically worth the additional price.

By keeping these considerations in mind while shopping for land or preparing to hire an excavation contractor, you'll be in better shape when the time comes to begin excavation. For more information, contact a business such as Prattco residential excavating.