5 Reasons To Trust Professionals For Large Mirror Installation In Your Home

Perhaps you want a mirrored wall in your bathroom, or maybe you are just installing a large mirror to make a small bathroom look larger. In either case, it is best to bring in the help of a mirror installation company for assistance instead of trying to do the job yourself. Even though installing a large, unframed mirror may look like an easy thing to handle, this type of job is something professionals should be trusted to do. Here is a look at why. 

1. Large glass mirrors are hard to maneuver safely. 

Safely maneuvering a large panel of glass is a process best suited to people who have ample experience. You must use the proper gloves and gear to protect yourself from getting cut along the edges, and it is important that measures are taken to support the mirror as it is being moved. 

2. Glass mirror panels can be far more fragile than they look. 

Any time you are talking about a large panel of glass, it is fragile. Mirrors that are being placed on a wall will not have a supportive backing; the wall serves as the supportive backing. Therefore, just a small tap on the edge of a wall or door frame could lead to breakage.

3. Large mirrors are quite heavy. 

One large mirror can weigh quite a bit. When professionals go to a home for a mirror installation, they usually arrive with several people just to help carry the piece into the house. A tall mirror panel can be especially top-heavy, which can make it even more difficult to carry. 

4. Positioning the mirror properly can be a difficult task without a lot of help. 

For the mirror to look right once it is installed, it has to be perfectly even. If you are covering an entire wall, this may not be such an issue. However, if only a portion of the wall is being covered, the mirror will have to be carefully placed so it is level and even all the way around. 

5. Not properly anchoring the mirror can lead to a lot of issues. 

Once you do have the mirror in place, it has to be properly anchored so it does not slip out of place. This process alone can take a lot of careful finagling. Most professionals use a strong adhesive to attach the mirror to the wall and then secure it with fasteners around the perimeter. If the fasteners are tightened too much, you run the risk of damaging the glass. If the fasteners are too loose, the mirror will not have proper support.

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