Choosing The Right Color For Your Commercial Building

The appearance of your commercial building is integral to its success as a business location. When you choose what color to paint it, you need to take a variety of considerations into account. The color scheme can make or break your business endeavor. 

Color Meanings

Colors inspire different emotions in people. For instance, blue give off a sense of cleanliness and restfulness. Greens have a calming effect on those around them. Some buildings use browns and greens together to make areas feel bigger than they are. The truly bright colors, such as oranges, yellows, and reds, are "dynamic" and frequently associated taking action of some sort. For some types of businesses, they are best used as contrasting trim colors. A building that is completely red is usually not a good choice as it is seen as too bold and barn-like. 


You need to take the environment around your building into account. If your business is surrounded by neutral- colored buildings, you need to decide whether blending in is your best choice or whether adding some color will make you stand out and increase business. Having your building be the tasteful visual focus of an area is a positive thing. Of course, painting your building bright pink will attract all sorts of attention, but unless you are in a resort area, the attention will be negative. 

Business Types

Your business type will also help determine which colors are appropriate for your building. If you own a restaurant building, then you can choose brighter colors, often echoing those that are in the logo. Professional buildings, such as law firms or medical clinics, are usually painted in neutral colors to convey their serious purpose. Playful colors may work better for retail stores, especially those specializing in children's items. However, you can break with tradition and be creative with color. You know your clientele better than anyone else.

Choosing the best color for your commercial building can be an enjoyable enterprise. If you own the building and run the business, you have a nearly limitless palette from which to choose. If you are the landlord, you need to work closely with your tenant to pick a color or colors that you can both endorse. You should take into account the psychological effects certain colors have on consumers before you paint, but you can be creative without being garish. If you want your business to stand out, choose a vibrant color combination. For assistance, talk to a professional like Pro-Guard Painters Paint Distribution.