Three Reasons Your Stucco Paint Job Is Failing

One of the things that makes stucco such an attractive choice is the fact that you can paint it in any color you would like. However, how well your paint job looks and how long it lasts all depends on whether or not you are going about it the right way. If you have painted your stucco and it seems to be peeling, chipping and just failing overall, there is a reason why. Here are just some of the reasons you may be having issues.

Failed To Prepare The Surface

One guaranteed way to have issues when painting stucco is applying an application over stucco that is either damaged or hasn't yet been cured. You need to prepare the stucco first. Take a crack, for example.

If you paint over even a small area without repairing the crack and getting to the source of the problem, eventually the crack will spread and the paint will also chip. If you apply paint to a new stucco installation that hasn't yet been cured, the paint won't adhere correctly and will start to peel.

Failed To Use The Right Type Of Paint

For the best results, you need to ensure you are using the correct type of paint. First, you want to make sure you aren't just using any type of exterior paint. Stucco requires an exterior, masonry paint.

You also want to make sure you didn't use a high-gloss paint selection. Stucco painting works best with low-sheen and flat paints. These selections don't just look better on this type of surface, but they will also typically last longer.

Failed To Hydrate

When painting stucco, it's imperative that you hydrate it first, especially if you live in a climate with high wind or dry heat. This process involves you saturating the stucco with water, such as a pressure hose. The hydrating process removes the lime buildup that often sticks to exterior surfaces in these types of climates.

If you fail to remove the lime, the paint won't properly adhere to the stucco and will eventually fall off. Make sure you don't want too long after hydrating to paint. While the surface should not be damp, you don't want to wait days after hydrating to paint as lime can easily build back up.

If you're having issues with your stucco paint job, it's time to call on a professional. Whether your stucco needs to be cured or it's a more serious issue like cracking, a repair technician will be able to assist you and help you achieve the look you want.

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