Four Different Styles Of Cedar Roofing To Have Installed On Your Home

If you like the look of cedar roofing, there are several different styles to choose from for your new shake roof. This can be made of hand split shakes or uniform shingles. They can be installed in different patterns, or in a uniform manner for the roofing on your home. If you want to cedar on your home, here are four different styles that you may want to choose from for the installation of cedar shakes on your roof:

1. Straight Row Installation Of Cedar Shakes

If you want to have a clean look to the cedar roofing on your home, having the shakes installed in straight rows will be the best option. This is done with shakes that are an even height where all of them can be installed in rows that line up. This can still be done with hand split shakes, which will still give your roof the textured look of this type of shake, but a little bit more uniform in appearance.

2. Staggered Texture Patterns With Cedar Roofing

Another, more common type of installation of shakes is where the shakes in rows are in a staggered pattern. This is where some of the shakes will be longer than others, and this can give your roofing more of a rough textured look. This is an ideal type of installation if you want a rustic look on your home, like the shake roofing on a cabin or rural home.

3. Creating Patterns With Different Color Stains Or Species Of Wood

Shakes can also be installed in different patterns, which can give your roof a unique look. This can be done by staining some of the shakes in a different color, or mixing cedar with other wood species. Some oak species work well for creating these types of patterns, and they will be just as durable as the cedar shakes you have installed on your home.

4. Uniform Roofing With Cedar Shingles Instead Of Shakes

Cedar can also come in roofing shingles, which are a little different from the hand split shakes. Shingles will be uniform in shape, and they will all be the same dimensions. This can be good for a cedar roof installation that is clean and smooth. Instead of a textured appearance, your roof will have a smooth clean appearance and all the shingles will line up evenly on every row.

These are some of the choices you have for installing cedar shake on your home. If you want to have a new roof installed on your home and use cedar shakes, contact a roofing contractor like Alf's Roofing Ltd and ask them about these different styles.