Choosing The Right Space Heater For You

If you are interested in setting up temperature control for your home, then you will need to decide exactly what kind of system you want. An increasingly popular option for heating your home is the space heater. However, there are several different varieties of space heaters, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you narrow down your options, here is an introduction to the various mechanisms available for heating your home. Read More 

Take Precautions Against Frozen Pipes This Winter

After the extreme heat of the summer months, many people rejoice to feel the cool air of autumn moving in. While the colder weather is refreshing, it also means the arrival of winter is close behind. For many regions, this means below freezing temperatures for several months. The cold can wreak havoc with plumbing systems if you are not properly prepared and can cause your pipes to freeze. Frozen Pipes Read More 

Heat Your Home For Less This Winter

With the temperatures outside quickly beginning to drop, many homeowners have found themselves already beginning to deal with the high energy bills that often come along with using their home heating system. The good news is, taking action now can prevent you from sharing in this fate. This is because by utilizing even one of the tips outlined below, you will be able effectively reduce your heating bills this winter. Read More 

Replacing A Neoprene Pipe Collar

If your roof is leaking in the attic around the area where the neoprene pipe is located in the bathroom, it is time to replace the seal. Changing the seal, appropriately called a collar, requires a specific set of tools and some bravery as you need to climb up on the roof. This guide explains the steps to replace the collar to prevent more leaks. Step 1: Measure the Pipe and Purchase Your Supplies Read More