3 Tips For Designing Effective Window Graphics

Communicating with today's consumers can be challenging, and businesses are forced to use a variety of tactics in order to achieve their sales goals. One tactic that you might want to try if you are hoping to draw more foot traffic into your business is the addition of window graphics to your building's exterior.

Here are three tips to keep in mind as you design your window graphics.

1. Use window banners to advertise services.

If your company provides services for your clientele (insurance, legal, or consulting services, etc.), it can be beneficial to advertise these services using banners located in your windows. Banners are vinyl graphics that usually contain words or images describing the services you provide.

Several different banners can be used to advertise each service you hope to highlight. If your company's name doesn't sufficiently describe what you have to offer, banners can be a simple way to help consumers know how your business can help them.

2. Create privacy if your services are confidential.

If you provide a confidential service (like legal consulting or financial services), your customers want to know that their personal information can be trusted in the hands of your business. You can begin promoting this level of trust by using graphics to create privacy within your business space.

Applying a frosted graphic panel with limited logo and service information featured in the negative space will allow you to utilize the natural light coming through your windows without allowing passersby to see clearly into your office. Using frosted vinyl in your window's graphic design gives potential clients the feeling that your services will be private and confidential, which can increase sales.

3. Use color to your advantage.

Colorful signage can be a valuable tool when it comes to increasing the profitability of your business, but only if you use the right color combinations to advertise through window graphics. Selecting from a warm color palette allows you to appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

Warm colors tend to make people feel comfortable and give them the desire to remain in a space longer than cool colors might. Using a warm color palette in the design of your window graphics will draw consumers into your business and encourage them to browse through the goods and services you have to offer.

Investing in window graphics can be costly, so make sure that your window design is sending the right message that will help you be more successful with your advertising. For help coming up with a design, contact a company like Alberta Graphic and Tinting Graphics