Burning Questions About Hot Shot Services: What Construction Materials And Equipment Can You Get In A Short Time?

As a construction contractor, you are constantly aware of impending deadlines, yet you are also keenly aware of your budget and attempting to stay within your projected costs. So, how do you handle last minute shortages on equipment and/or supplies? If you cannot get what you need locally, you will probably have to order it, but there is no guarantee it will ship on time. That is where hot shot services come in. Shipping companies who offer "hot shot services" are able to get you almost anything you need within a day or less. If you think you may need to use this service, then you may also want to know what these shipping companies can ship to you using these rapid shipping times.

Fasteners, Hand Tools and Small Power Tools

The fastest and easiest items to ship and receive via a hot shot service are fastners (e.g., nails, nuts, bolts, screws, washers, brads, etc.), small hand tools like hammers and screw drivers and small power tools like circular saws and nail guns. Since most of these items are already pre-boxed and ready to ship, they only need a shipping label and barcode for the shipping company to scan before they can be loaded onto the delivery truck and head out. You can have these items delivered to your job site, your off-site office or your home, and the shipping cost is usually the same regardless of where you want the items shipped to.

Large Power Tools

Some large power tools may be shipped via a hot shot service too. Examples of tools that you may receive this way are table saws and drill presses. Typically, if it is already in a box and may need some assembly, it can go out quickly. Particularly heavy power tools may not be accepted for hot shot delivery, so call the service ahead of time before you place a rush order on these items.

Oilfield Hauling and Heavy Construction Equipment

When you are trying to get heavy construction equipment or oilfield hauling equipment, this may be a little trickier for a hot shot service. The reason being is that these items may only be shipped rapidly if they are available, can be loaded onto a flatbed and can reach you in the time you have requested and paid for. However, every effort is made to fulfill your request, and in the event that the driver is going to be the least bit late, most hot shot service providers will require that the driver call you ahead of the ETA (expected time of arrival) to let you know.

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