Helpful Tips For Using Spray Foam Insulation In Your Mud Room

When you think about the use of spray foam insulation, you probably think about it being used to insulate the walls and ceiling in your home. However, there are so many more uses for this handy product than that. Along with using it elsewhere in your home, you can use it in various places in your mud room. These are a few ways that spray foam insulation can help you make your mud room better.

Seal Around Exterior Doors

Do you have an exterior door in your mud room? If so, it could be the source of hot or cold outdoor air in your home. It only takes a tiny crack to allow a lot of air into your home, which can make your mud room uncomfortable -- especially when you've got your dryer running and the hot summer air is coming in around the door -- and can run up your heating and cooling bills. Turn the light off in your mud room on a sunny day, and look for traces of light around the door. Then, use a tiny amount of spray foam insulation to seal up the area. This can help make your mud room more air tight.

Handle Leaks

Finding a leak in the hoses to your washing machine -- or in any of your other mud room plumbing, such as around your water heater or your utility sink -- can be highly upsetting. Although you will need to call a pro out to really take care of the problem, using a bit of spray foam insulation can help seal up plumbing leaks and can get you by until you are able to hire a plumber. This is an easy tip if you don't know much about plumbing but want to prevent leaks from becoming a major issue.

Stabilize Your Washing Machine

If your washing machine is like many, it might bounce and jump around when it's in action. This can be very noisy and can cause your washer and dryer to wiggle out of place, plus the vibration can cause pictures to fall off of your mud room walls or can cause things to topple off of your shelving units. If you spray some of your spray foam insulation in the area where your washing machine's pipes meet your mud room walls, you can help cut down on these vibrations.

As you can see, spray foam insulation can be very handy in your mud room. Follow one or all of these tips, and you're sure to see why so many people love using spray foam insulation throughout the home.

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