How To Care For Your Shower Glass Doors

Shower glass doors are an attractive feature that give your bathroom a modern appeal. These doors are relatively easy to care for, although they do require regular cleaning. Learn the best ways to care for your shower glass doors so they last for many years. 

Keep them dry

After every shower, wipe your shower glass doors off with a dry towel or washcloth. This prevents streaking from hard water buildup and also wipes away soap scum and bubbles. The few seconds you put to this effort every day will keep your glass shiny and pristine.

Clean with caution

You don't need harsh chemicals to clean your shower glass doors and leave them looking beautiful. Simply combine equal parts water and vinegar together in a spray and then wipe down your doors to remove mildew, scum, and other dirty spots that accumulate over time. A soft rag, paper towels, or old newspapers can be used to wipe your glass shower doors clean.

Avoid using a scrub brush or steel wool to clean stains off your glass. Doing so can cause it to scratch, leading to uneven surface wearing and permanent damage. Don't forget your hardware, such as handles and railings--they need a soft wipe down using only mild soap to retain their luster.

Take care of your seals

The seals along your shower glass doors are what help them shut snugly when in use to keep water out and heat in when you shower. Clean them regularly with mild soap and a soft rag to prevent soap and residue from building up in them. When they begin to crack or peel, replace them to keep your shower doors shutting properly.

Don't slam the doors

Shower glass doors are not designed to be leaned on or slammed. Doing so can knock them out of alignment, or worse, break the glass. Supervise children when they are showering or bathing with the doors shut to make sure they are not being abused. If your shower glass doors get damaged in any way, do not use them again until you have had them professionally repaired (by professionals such as Superior Glass & Mirror).

Your shower glass doors can be kept in beautiful condition for many years if you follow simple care tips. From washing the glass to taking care of seals, these low-maintenance doors are very easy to care for. Your reward is a beautiful shower you can love to use anytime you wish.