Drainage Ditches And You: Why You Want To Hire A Plumbing Company To Move Water Away From Your Home

Drainage ditches, especially those outfitted with underground pipe systems, are very effective at keeping your home's foundation dry. If you live in a remote area in Canada, it is necessary that you have a way to drain water away from your property because there are no sewer systems to help you. Whether you live in an older home or are considering new home construction, here are some more reasons and benefits to install drain pipes and dig drainage ditches.

Plumbers Are Not Regularly Available for Emergencies

Let's say that you live in the territory of Nunavat. It is unlikely that if you experience a flooding basement that you are going to get a plumber out to fix the problem in less than a week. If you have a drainage system which the original plumbing contractor installed, then you have much less water in your basement every time it rains or the snows melt. Also, your sump pump system will have a way to pull the remaining water out of your basement and send it up and out into the drainage system to the ditch. Until your sump pump fails, your drainage pipes an ditch are your backup system for excess water.

No Standing Water on Your Property

People who do not have a drainage ditch have large pools of water in their yards. Sometimes, the water is deep enough to allow ducks and geese swim around in it. Although it may be nice to see and watch the water fowl, the standing water increases the mosquito population and destroys your lawn through over-saturation and mold that grows when the water begins to dry up.

Installing a Drainage System Takes Time

When you hire a plumbing service, it takes time to dig up the property and install the pipes needed to act as a drain. The ditch or ditches is/are easy enough to excavate at the edge of your property, but getting the correct trucks out to your location takes much longer than a half-hour dig. The pipes in the system begin to work almost immediately after your plumber seals the connections against leaks.

Finding a Plumber Close to You

Living in remote areas has more difficulties than just draining water away from your home. You have to convince plumbing companies that assisting you with a drainage system is worth their time and effort to come out to you and do the work. The closer the plumber is to you, the less you will have to pay for travel expenses as part of your contract with the plumbing service.

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